Team Project, October - December 2017

Project Brief

Carousel is a team project based in RCA. The initial brief questions the current retail experiences - How can we design services to enable a seamless and sustainable retail experience, both for customers and organizations?


The aim of this project is to explore the rapidly shifting retail world and design services that will tackle some of the business and customer challenges associated with retail experiences, recognizing the current shifts in the retail ecosystem.


Our team chose fashion retail as our initial focus.

Research Insights

Research Insights

“Clothing manufacture and sales in the UK is still the fourth largest pressure on our natural resources after housing, transport and food. To address this huge challenge, we all need to learn to value our clothes more.”


Due to unplanned manufacture and unconscious disposal of garments, the waste produced in fashion industry is putting large pressure on our environment. Manufacture, unsold inventory and round of sale seem to be an endless loop.

We may be shocked that brands burn and shred wearable clothes, but it's inevitable for a system that pumps out billions of pieces a year.

If we want to increase the value and lifespan of clothing while still providing growth opportunities for retailers, what else do we need to explore and know?

Cause Behind

BRANDS DON’T KNOW ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. The approach taken by brands disconnected from how shoppers instinctually shop.

In the exciting fashion ecosystem, shopping is the only point where connection happens.  So how can we Close the data loop between retailers and consumers in order to extend the garment life cycle and create more sustainable outcomes in the fashion industry?


Primary Solution

EFFECTIVE WAY OF COMMUNICATION: SIMPLY ASK. Move design feedback upstream and manage the garment life cycle by leveraging and evolving existing efforts into a meaningful service offering that can be integrated within brands and retailers.


Final Concept

Making you apart of the brand through a personalized shopping experience and products you help to design.

Carousel is a concept fashion brand that brings physical retail environment and digital channels together in order to create conditions for meaningful conversations between brands and people.

Key Strategy: Repositioning physical stores as a place of atmosphere, context, and trust.


Members-only Data Base

Hands-free shopping

In-app checkout

Platform for inspirations

Impact & Benefits

We can co-create value through a new retail experience and a digital platform that is fit-for-purpose.


A Glimpse of the Process

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